Liver Flush

The Liver / Gallbladder Flush


* 3 quarts of apple juice (must be natural) 1 cup of olive oil Virgin Olive Oil (not lite) 1 cup (not can) classic coke room temperature or you may use the same amount of fresh grapefruit juice 1 lemon to be juiced at mixing time.

Ultra-phos drops Turkey Rhubarb formula (Dr Christopher's Naturalax)

Additional Items Needed if you want to Examine The Stones:

  • Colander to catch the stones..use a fairly fine sieve.
  • Pair of tweezers.
  • Small sieve-strainer so that stones can be washed under the faucet.
  • Small container to put stones in after washing with cold water.
  • 1 quart jar to fill with cold water to wash stool through colander.



1)  Take the Turkey Rhubarb formula for one to two weeks before you begin this procedure. (Editors note) It is recommended take it for a month if you are non in a health emergency. You must adjust the dosage to your needs, some needs hardly any capsules and others may need larger doses to move at all. Start with small doses and work up seems be the best answer.
2)  Drink one quart of apple juice per day with (90) drops of ultra-phos drops added to each quart. this may be drunk in intervals throughout the day) Drink one quart of apple juice a day for three (3) days. Eat normally. This is not a fast. If you can not tolerate that much fruit juice, or you are diabetic, use distilled water instead of apple juice. However, if you use water, you must increase the amount of phosfood. Take 30 drops three (3) times per day with the water. That is 90 drops.
3)  Wait for three hours after eating dinner on the third night, or you can wait until the fourth night. NO APPLE JUICE ON THE FOURTH DAY Do not take the liver flush in the morning-EVER.
4)  Thoroughly mix the following: 1 fresh lemon, juice, 1 cup classic coke (or freshly squeezed grapefruit juice) 1 cup virgin olive oil. Mix thoroughly (you could do well putting all in a blender for just a few minutes. Quickly drink this mixture down....don't wait for it to settle. You will feel very full. If you have an oily feeling on your lips use lemon rind to rub them.
5)  Immediately after drinking flush material, lie down on your right side for 30 minutes. NO CHEATING on time. You may draw your knees up to your chest during this time or stretch out full length.
6)  When 30 minutes have passed, move around a bit and resume normal activities. It will take approximately 8 hours for the flush to work.
7)  If you are going to save and examine the stones, be sure to have a colander, tweezers, a small sieve strainer and a container in the bathroom. Place the colander on the rim of the toilet and put the seat down before you go to bed and before you need it. You should not feel any panic or extreme urgency when the flush begins -no diarrhea.
8)  There will be considerable soft stool the first time.. less each time after that. A more formed stool usually comes about the fifth time. You usually do not find stones the first time. Most come with the second stool and less each time following. Fill a quart jar with COLD WATER and wash the stools through the colander. The stone will be somewhat soft and waxy green in color... like cooked peas. Pick the stones out with the tweezers and place in the small sieve... wash well with cold water under the faucet. Place in container with some water. They will disintegrate within a week unless you freeze them. If you do freeze them, lay the container on its side so that the stones are against the bottom.
9)  IMPORTANT! That evening, take Turkey Rhubarb or other laxative to clear out any remaining stones.



Ultra-Phos drops can be obtained from Ultra-Life, P.O. Box 440, Carlyle, Illinois 62231 (800) 323-3842: In Illinois call, (618) 594-7711. The Product is Ultra-Phos and costs $9.50 per bottle, plus $3.00 S&H.

This information is provided to you for educational purposes only from ANCIENT CLEANSING FORMULAS.. A Special Report by Sam Biser from the University of Natural Healing Inc.

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